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Mud & Silt Remover 5 Litre x1


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liquid mud & silt remover for sewer lines, drainage systems and cooling

SLUDGE BUSTER is completely inert and contains no acids or
strong alkalis.

SLUDGE BUSTER contains a highly effective bactericide
which is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It
prevents un-pleasant odours caused by the build up of odour producing bacteria.

SLUDGE BUSTER also contains a fluorescent dye for visual
detection of through-flow.

SLUDGE BUSTER is non flammable and completely
biodegradable. It is highly recommended for situations where clinically clean
pipes are essential e.g.

Hospitals, educational establishments, food industries,
creameries, dairies etc.

                             SEWER LINES and DRAINAGE SYSTEMS

Provides cleaner lines with great labour saving.

Clears backed up and overloaded sewers.

Cuts down the amount if silt & soiling left in

Removes detergents solidified by changing temperatures.

Loosens & flushes silt & soiling from drainage

Safe on metal, plastic & earthenware pipes.

Safe on all systems – poses no pollution problems.

Breaks up deposits of fine & course sand and shale

Reduces the need for new sewers through lost capacity in
old systems

Active when deposits are built up to 50% capacity

                      COOLING TOWERS

Prevents build up of materials on all the surfaces.
Providing cleaner surfaces for scale and corrosion inhibition.

Increases capacity & efficiency of lines & reduces
pumping costs

Does not upset chemical balance of other treatment agents.

Eliminates the need for mechanical & acid cleaners Actually
removes deposits from systems.


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