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Conc. Hard Surface Cleaner 4x 5 Litre


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Is a super concentrated, safe, water soluble cleaner and degreaser and, as such, has been awarded the certificate of:

Is highly recommended for total cleaning as it removes grease, oil, carbon, inks, mildew, creosote, nicotine film, stubborn dirt and grime in the following manner:-

1.  Completely soluble inhard and soft waters.

2.  Loosens soiling.

3.  Readily solubilisesoils, greases and fats.

4.  Rinses easily, as andwhen required.

Is 100 per cent fireproof and is safe to useon most surfaces, including vinyl. It leaves surfaces clean and bright, leaving no oily film.

Is fast and effective, even in cold water.There is no free acid content in the surface cleaner and it is completely biodegradable.

Is very economical in use, diluting with up to 20 parts of water and the formulation also includes a rust inhibitor.

Recommended areas for use including Manufacturing Industries, Food Industries and Local Authorities etc., in respect of the following:-

Degreasing and cleaning equipment and machinery.

Degreasing and cleaning floors and walls.

Removing sludge from lathers, milling and grinding machines,etc.

Removing grease and scum from heating, ventilating and airfiltering systems.

Removing soap scum from shower stalls.

Cleaning equipment in sewage and water plants.

Cleaning traffic signs, etc.

Degreasing and cleaning vehicle engines.

Cleaning vinyl coverings.


Cleaning down prior to re-painting – simply apply and wipe off – no rinsing required. 


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