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Anti-Static Germicidal Air Freshener


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Bubblegum, Cherry, Tutti Frutti

Blast Air freshener

  • Excellent coverage …1 spray freshens an entire room.
  • Remains suspended in the atmosphere for prolonged periods of time, providing long term effectiveness. 
  • Eliminates odours at their source including, tobacco, smoke, animal and bad odours.
  • Deodorises, disinfects and de-contaminates, overcoming unpleasant and offensive smells instantly.
  • Press the button once and you will be amazed!

A pleasantly perfumed air freshener which will help to combat the spread of airborne bacteria and purge the air of harmful germs.

Can be used with confidence to completely eliminate unwanted malodours by masking them with a powerful citrus aroma, then going to work destroying odour producing bacteria.

Simple to use, just spray a small amount into a room area or directly onto sources of odour. It’s powerful dispersing action will spread throughout the area, eradicating unwanted smells from tobacco, animals, drains and washrooms. It is ideal for use in Showrooms, offices, hospitals, clinics or any public meeting place where malodours may exist.


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