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2 Roofing Compound Paint on 5 Litre


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Is a high performance, black in colour, urethaneelastomeric roof coating. It is the ideal one-pack system, suitable for original waterproofing, refurbishing or repair.

Can be used on any shape roof and for most roof surfaces, including felt, asphalt, concrete, asbestos/cement, mastic, slate,bituminous surfaces and most metals.

Is a technically viable and cost effective alternative to re-roofing.



·         Ease of application – by brush, roller ortrowel.

·         Ready to use – straight from the can – nomixing.

·         Rapid curing and non-cracking.

·         Elongation – approximately 300%.

·         One pack system.

·         Outstanding strength and durability.

·         Extremely flexible and completely watertight.

·         Spot repairs – damaged areas can easily berepaired by spot application.

·         No deterioration due to ultra-violet radiation.

·         Excellent thermal stability.

·         Anticipated life expectancy – up to 20 years.

·         Can be used by non-skilled labour. Just pour onand spread out.



The calculated applied coverage rate to give the minimum required dry film thickness when coating a smooth surface is 1 litre per sq.metre (approx.10 sq.ft.) but applied in two coats of 1 litre per sq. metre.

It is absolutely essential that the preparation and application directions, as given on the container’s label, must be carefully followed to ensure a long-lasting solution to your waterproofing problem. 


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