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Leak Detector


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In an effort to trace, and thereby control, costly and potentially dangerous gas leaks, whilst at the same time improving your Health and Safety standards, we are introducing our product — the efficient leak detector,

Leaks in gas and compressed air systems are hardly audible in noisy factories, garages etc. The equipment required to confirm the presence of a leak is very expensive and, in addition, requires skilled operating staff.Even then, the end result is the confirmation of the presence of a leak, not its precise location.

LEAK DETECTOR is a water soluble, aqueous solution,containing no solvents or alcohols of any kind. It maintains full operational efficiency even over extended storage periods and is totally safe to user and equipment. Even at pressures as low as 5 mbar.

LEAK DETECTOR will produce a very good, micro porous, stable foam showing up the smallest leak instantly.

LEAK DETECTOR is completely inert, leaves no deposit and is safe on paintwork, metals, plastics, wood, clothing, etc. Added protection is ensured with the inclusion of a corrosion inhibitor.

LEAK DETECTOR has no effect whatsoever on sealing compounds or tape, and will not cause stress corrosion in plastic piping.

LEAK DETECTOR is harmless to most skins and is completely biodegradable.
Packed in aerosol containers, it is convenient and ready to use. Each aerosol is provided with an extension tube for the hard-to- reach areas such as installations covered by protective guards, installations that can only be reached by means of a ladder, air brakes on vehicles, etc.

LEAK DETECTOR will locate the smallest leak in gas or pressurised air vessels, pipes, screwed connections, fittings and valves. It is quick, reliable, safe and convenient.
Suggested areas of use include air compressors of all types,gas installations, bottled gases, air brakes and inner tubes, inflatable boats and paddling pools etc

For safety in industry, factory, workshops, garage, in thehome, in the chalet, caravan, boat or tent.


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