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Dry Film Lube


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Dry Film Lube is a revolutionary formulation of high quality constituents, including molybdenum disulphide, resulting in an excellent, dry graphite lubricant coating system, providing a dry, slippery film on virtually any surface. 

Dry Film Lube eliminates oil and grease contamination problems,as there is no dust and grit attraction. It is safe on all metal surfaces,touch dry in 5 minutes and ready for use in 20-30 minutes, air drying at room temperature, no heating, baking or sintering being required.
Dry Film Lube is stable up to 250ºF and has good chemical resistance. The coatings adhere well, even on flexible surfaces. It has excellent electrical conductivity and prevents the build-up of static electricity.

Dry Film Lube will not melt or freeze. It has anti-corrosive properties and provides superb anti-seize protection.

Dry Film Lube contains no silicone additives and, being in aerosol form, no complex coating equipment is required.
The co-efficient of friction (Dynamic) is less than 0.1 in air, dependent on speed, load and temperature. For maximum effect, a thin film is always recommended, as a thick film could inhibit the co-efficient of friction. Correctly applied coatings are smooth, adherent and matt black in colour which, if required, can be brought to a sheen by buffing or tumbling.Previous coatings can be removed, if necessary, by using Uniconomy’s “PRO-SOLVE

TYPICAL USES: Components in coin operated machines, locks,instruments, electrical installations, conveyors, elevators, oven chains,threaded joints and flanges operating high temperatures, gaskets, seals, mould release for resins, plastics, rubbers and metals etc. Highly recommended wherever lubrication is required, nut where oils and greases are not permitted or desired.




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