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Bitumen Remover


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A breakthrough in degreasing by replacing chlorinated and kerosene based solvents with a product formulated from the oils of oranges and a highly refined mineral spirit.


BITUMEN REMOVER is the new heavy duty cleaner for removing tar, bitumen, asphalt, greases, oils, carbon, waxes and adhesives, etc.


BITUMEN REMOVER is safe to use on most surfaces including metals, plastics, ceramics, acrylics, concrete, brick, stone, glass, wood and painted surfaces, etc.


BITUMEN REMOVER has a slower evaporation rate than chlorinated solvents, so in some applications, drying must be enhanced by heat and/or compressed air, and as it is a combustible liquid, it should not be used where naked flames are present.


BITUMEN REMOVER  is cost effective as no special equipment, ventilation or heated tanks are necessary. No special clothing need be provided, except gloves are recommended where long term exposure is expected or where an operator is suffering from dermatitis.


BITUMEN REMOVER  is recoverable and to ensure long-term usage it can be passed through 6-10 micron filters to remove contaminants (recovered material might remain discoloured).Where such recovery is possible MANDARIN is up to 90% re-usable by volume.Where residues are contaminated by water, leave to stand and the water will separate out.


BITUMEN REMOVER  must be used neat. It is completely non-miscible with water. Where oily residues are washed into separator or interceptor tanks, no emulsification occurs so outfalls are completely free of oil or spirits.


BITUMEN REMOVER  is completely safe to use, containing no harmful ingredients. It is non-aggressive and completely biodegradable.


Recommended areas of use include:-

Cleaning oil spills from hard surfaces

Cleaning combustion engines

Parts washing

Tank cleaning

Adhesive residue removal

Wax residue removal

Electric motor cleaning (motor must be disconnected from supply. After cleaning, motors must be blown completely dry before re-connecting to supply). 


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