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Orange Citrus Beaded Hand Gel 15kg


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GOLDEN BALLS is a solvent-free, heavy duty, non-abrasive,
beaded hand gel, for the rapid and effective removal of excessive oil and
grease contamination.

GOLDEN BALLS is a completely new formulation,
incorporating the natural oils derived from the skins of citrus fruits (lemons,
limes, oranges) together with soaps and synthetic detergents, combining to
provide a strong but gentle product to use, and the presence of the micron size
polyethylene beads does not contribute to the causes of any skin problems.

GOLDEN BALLS removes the toughest grime and dirt, and the
solvent-free, citrus based formula reduces the risk of skin irritation that can
be caused by solvent based cleaners.

GOLDEN BALLS gives maximum cleaning results, whilst being
safe to most skins.  It has a pleasant,
natural citrus perfume together with an attractive golden appearance.

GOLDEN BALLS is very economical in use – just rub 3-5
grams thoroughly into soiled hands to emulsify the grease and grime, then rinse
well with clean water.

GOLDEN BALLS is manufactured from the highest quality raw
materials and will not clog sinks or drains.

GOLDEN BALLS is highly recommended for use in engineering,
automotive, printing and public service industries.


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