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Ice Melting Granules 15kg x1


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TRUE GRIP has a rapid exothermic action which melts ice
and snow quickly.


TRUE GRIP is the safe way to clear snow and ice from roads
and pathways.


TRUE GRIP is much more efficient than salt and will work a
lot faster.


TRUE GRIP generates its own heat to penetrate and free
hard packed snow and ice.


TRUE GRIP is effective at even the lowest temperatures.


TRUE GRIP is supplied in 25Kg containers.


TRUE GRIP is recommended for:-  Footpaths, bridges, platforms, parking areas,
driveways, loading bays, steps, garages, catwalks and drive in freezers.




Apply product sparingly, 50g/sq. metre then remove melted
slush.  Where snow is deeper than 2cm,
plough or shovel first then spread product as above.  N.B. if the snow depth is more than 5cm all
de-icers are impracticable.

TRUE GRIP should not be used on concrete products of poor
quality or in excess amounts, as it may cause flaking and scaling of the


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