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Conc. Liquid Hand Cleaner 1 Litre


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Liquid Concentrated Skin Cleaner was developed after many years of research, producing for you, a powerful concentrated skin cleaner which is completely safe to use and which acts instantly to dissolve grease, ink, carbon, dirt and grime, etc.

Is an up-to-date formulation,containing no harsh abrasives, toxic solvents or irritating caustics.  The powerful action of the hand cleaner cuts ground-in grease and grime without irritation.  It does NOT produce de-fatting of the skin .

Has a rapid, very effective cleansing action with no pre-wetting of the skin being necessary – just rub in, then,rinse with water – and remember- only a small amount is needed to remove the heaviest dirt.

Can be used in soap dispensers and also for all over body use in showers. In this respect, it can be diluted with up to seven parts of water.

Leaves no film and, after use, the skin is left in a very pleasant condition.

Is highly recommended for use in manufacturing industries, engineering shops, transport companies, oil industries, garages, on – site operations, printing industry, newspaper industry and offices, etc.  


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