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6 Graffiti Remover Wipes


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Effective wipe for the safe removal of paintover spray  & general graffiti from non porous surfaces. Our range of Graffiti products includes these industry leading Graffiti removal wipes  for the safe removal of graffiti, paintover spray, permanent marker, inks,  etc.

Each wipe will remove graffiti from hard non-porous surfaces like plastics, glass,metals, painted surfaces etc. Wipes will clean graffiti marks will just a little agitation – no hard rubbing is required.

Each large wipe is impregnated with a highly active chemical that will quickly penetrate and dissolve the hard surface coating of agents like gloss paint,aerosol paints, permanent marker pens etc..
The offending graffiti is collected in the embossed absorbent wipe and can be safely disposed of. Very quick and effective action. Removes most stains. .
Use gloves and eye protection.Graffiti wipes are NOT suitable on rough surfaces such as brickwork.


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