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4 De Odourising Spray 5L


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Is a fully biodegradable blend of essential oils and perfumes, emulsified for use at high dilution rates where unpleasant odours present a problem. 
Typical areas for application include the following:- 
•Sewage Treatment Works 
•Animal By-Product Establishments 
•Foul Drainage Systems 
•External Industrial Waste Sites
•Refuse Carts and Wagons 
•Drains, Sewers and Manholes 
•Open Ditches and Canals 
•Rubbish and Refuse Tips 
•Septic Tanks 
•Activated Sludge Disposal
•Filtering Points

Will present no problems when discharged around sewage treatment works, including the activated sludge systems. 
Is non-toxic and non-flammable. 
Manual Systems: Spray, using manual sprayers, diluted with up to 50 parts of water.
Aerial Fogging: Dilute 1 part of Deodurising Spray with 100 parts of water and disperse via conventional fogging equipment. 


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