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3 Belt Dressing 400ml


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  • An excessively effective spray for elimination of arduous noises caused by the deterioration of V-belts

  • It protects the belts against drying, slippage and breaking.

  • It is recommended for application in all machines and equipment driven by belts

  • When used preventively, it prolongs the belt operating live significantly.

  • Produces quick results that are not lost due to ageing, oxidizing, hardening or drying out.



PRO BELT  is a superior belt dressing that prevents belt slip and increases the life of most belts by up to 50%.  It produces quick results that are not lost due to ageing, oxidizing, hardening or drying out.

Following the application of PRO BELT, slip may occur initially (especially with heavy drive and if the belt is oily or greasy) until the dressing has been thoroughly distributed over the surface, when increased and long lasting belt/pulley adhesion will occur.

PRO BELT  prevents a build-up of grease, oil and dirt, ensuring maximum grip on most types of power belting, including leather, rubber and fabric belts.

PRO BELT  is equally effective on round, or flat belts regardless of size and operating speeds.  For the sheaves of V-belts and round belts and for hard-to-reach surfaces, use the applicator tube supplied with each aerosol.  Being in aerosol form, there is no mess, no spillage and no wastage.  The non-slip surface is retained by just an occasional further application.

PRO BELT  can be applied whilst plant or machinery is in motion, but in such cases the following rules must apply:-

(I)  Stand well away from moving belt. 

(2) Do not get hands close to moving belts.

(3) Safety guards must NOT be removed.

PRO BELT  can be successfully used indoors and outdoors, on wet or dry surfaces, where it combats belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness or dust.

 PRO BELT  is also recommended for use wherever anon-slip surface is required e.g. ladders, catwalks, slippery stairways, etc.

In icy conditions, spray PRO BELT on to tyres for that extra grip needed to assist starting on the ice.

If you have a need to spray a non-skid surface onto slipping belts or slippery surfaces specify PRO BELT. 


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