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Premium White Grease


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Premium White Grease Spray



  • Repels water, heat and protects about corrosion.


  • The grease is ideally applicable to vehicles, watercraft, agricultural and garden equipments, industrial business, and in everyday life




  • Provides long lasting lubrication and reduces wear




  • Pro Grease has superior weathering and ageing characteristics 



  • Non-absorbent and has low coefficient of friction





PRO GREASE  is a specially formulated, cream coloured, calcium based grease, in aerosol form.


PRO GREASE  contains only OZONE-SAFE constituents.The active ingredient remaining after evaporation of the propellant and carrier, is a food grade material and meets FDA 1 standards and is safe for incidental food contact.


PRO GREASE  has a wide range of applications, where a spray grease is required, and especially where, for visual reasons, a light coloured grease is desirable.


PRO GREASE repels water, resists heat and protects against corrosion.


PRO GREASE  provides long lasting lubrication and reduces wear.


PRO GREASE has excellent load bearing properties.


PRO GREASE has superior weathering and ageing characteristics.


PRO GREASE is non-absorbent and has a low coefficient of friction.


PRO GREASE has a very low degree of toxicity.


PRO GREASE has a wide temperature range from minus 30 degrees C to plus 150 degrees C.




Recommended areas of use include:-
Food manufacturing industries and cold storage plants(fork lift trucks, chains and cables etc).
Automotive, transport and distribution industries (hinges,window mechanisms, bearings, springs and linkages etc)



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