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Penetrating Oil


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Release Agent Spray

  • Loosens rust.


  • Penetrates and frees nuts, bolts and fittings.


  • Prevents further corrosion.


  • Prevents re-oxidization.


  • Industrial strength, made in the United Kingdom



Contains an effective de-watering agent, an important factor where water is present. Frees badly corroded nuts and bolts, mechanisms, actuators,solenoid plungers and switches.
Lubricates and cuts down on replacement of affected parts.


Contains no silicones.

Safe on all metals, most plastics and most painted surfaces.

Saves time – acts instantly.

Simple application. Just press the button and a jet of PROLEASE penetrates into the threads even when countersunk.

Where pin-point accuracy is required or for hard-to-reach areas, use the applicator tube supplied with each aerosol.

USES include:

Removing head bolts – exhaust systems – manifolds – shackles- motor block studs and bolts – loosens tyre beads rusted to rims – boiler nuts etc.

Releases jammed lock mechanisms – separates metal connected parts which have become oxidized.

Manufacturing industries, machine shops, transport and automotive industries, plant hire, scaffolding, textile mills, marine industries etc.


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