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Electrical Cleaner


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Electrical Cleaner Spray

  •  fast acting, extremely penetrating, highly efficient, electrical degreasing and cleansing agent


  •  safe to use, giving a consistently high standard of cleaning and leaving no deposit


  • cleans and de-greases soiled and corroded electric contacts of all types


  • It increases the electro-conductivity of the contacts and stabilises the voltage. 
    It displaces moisture and forms a water-repellent film 


  • Made in the United Kingdom






PRO TACT is a fast acting, extremely penetrating, highly efficient, degreasing and cleansing agent, formulated to clean most materials and specially recommended for use on electrical and electronic equipment.  

PRO TACT is safe to use, giving a consistently high standard of cleaning and leaving no deposit.  It is stainless and can be used with complete safety on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and components containing plastics, resins or elastomers. 
Recommended areas for use  include:- 
PROCESS INDUSTRIES Control systems, instruments, relays, recorders, etc., in the chemical, food and drink, and engineering industries, etc.
CONSUMER INDUSTRIES  Television sets, drink and vending machines, gaming machines, car parking devices, tape recorders, magnetic tapes, electricity meters, etc. 
TRANSPORT INDUSTRY  Automatic signalling equipment, navigational and communication equipment for ships, controls and instruments, fuel filters and meters, hydraulic systems, motors, servos and relays, etc. 
TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY  Broadcasting equipment, transmitters and receivers, telephone switches and relays, small mobile intercoms and paging systems, etc.
Computers,  tele-printers, data readers and other office equipment.


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