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Cutting & Tapping Spray


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Is a new concept in cutting oils formulated from chlorinated paraffin and sulphurised oils, providing the most effective cutting oil combination.  Being in aerosol form, evaporation of the propellant provides additional cooling,permitting faster, time-saving operations. An applicator tube is provided with each aerosol, enabling pin point accuracy to be obtained, as and when required.

Is an advanced, extreme pressure lubricant which speeds cutting, tapping, drilling,milling, sawing and threading, etc., penetrating deep holes, slots and restricted openings.

Can be safely applied during machining.

Clings at any angle ensuring no drip and no waste.

Produces longer tool life, improved finishes and fewer rejects.

Can be used on soft metals such as aluminium and brass or with the difficult stainless steels.  It is also recommended for the hard-to-lubricate areas such as the inside threading of pipes.  Other recommended areas for use include:aircraft manufactures, aluminium industries, engine re-conditioning, shops,fabrication engineers, garages, industrial plants, maintenance departments,precision engineering and transport companies, etc.

SAWING: Spray along the cutting line to ensure constant lubrication throughout the entire cut.

DRILLING: Can be pin-pointed at the point to be drilled.

THREADING will stay in place for either inside or outside threading.  For operations where no central coolant system is available, is recommended for convenient application.  Is also solves on site problems for all drilling, cutting and tapping operations

Contains no silicones.

For cleaner, faster,easier and more economical results


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