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Chain and Cable Spray


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Chain and cable lubricant spray

  • Increases the life of chains and cables.


  • Provides constant lubrication even in hard to reach areas.


  • Comes with applicator tube to reach hard areas.


  • Safe on metals, rubber and most painted surfaces.


  • Reduces friction, displaces water, non-corrosive, reduces wear and increases flexibility. 



PROLUBE is a proven formulation of high quality constituents, including a molybdenum disulphide additive, resulting in an extreme pressure chain and cable lubricant.

 PROLUBE will provide constant lubrication of core, hemp and wire cables and will penetrate between the close tolerances of chain drive bushings, helping to provide smooth, even running with far less wear.

Safe on all metals, rubber and most painted surfaces.

Reduces friction, displaces water, non-corrosive, reduces wear, increases flexibility.

Will not wash or weather away and will not throw off.  Withstands extreme pressure – effective over a wide temperature range- prevents rust and corrosion.

Flows freely into chain links – penetrates cores of wire cables.

Safe on most skins. 

Any over spray can be removed with UNICONOMY’s – PRO SOLVE . 

Packed in handy aerosol dispensers PROLUBE is:

CONVENIENT  – Ready to use, needing no pre-heating or mixing.

SAFE – Hands are kept clean. No danger from greasy floors.(Thus contributing to the Health and Safety at Work Act).                             

FAST ACTING – Can be used whilst plant or machinery is in motion, but in such cases, safety guards must NOT be removed.          

ECONOMICAL – Complete coverage is obtained with one application.

For hard to reach areas or where pin-point accuracy is required, use the applicator tube.

No spillage, no deterioration and no loss by evaporation.

IDEAL FOR USE ON:- Steam shovels, cranes, drag lines, earth moving and trench equipment, mining and quarry equipment,loading equipment for aircraft and ships, trains, trucks, fork lift trucks,furnace drive chains, ready mixed concrete wagons, lifts and conveyors etc. 


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