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1 Non Butyl Hard Surface Cleaner 5 Litre


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Is a specially formulated hard surface cleaner and degreaser designed for removing the most stubborn of soiling with ease and economy.

Is completely biodegradable, 100% miscible with water and can be diluted with up to 20 parts water whilst still remaining an effective cleaner. Contains no harmful solvents as is found in most economy degreasers and as a result has no regular Occupation Exposure Level.

 Presents no dangerous hazard to the user, but because of its degreasing strength it is always recommended to wear gloves when using the product.

 Is safe to use on most surfaces including, metals,plastics, ceramics, concrete, brick, tarmac, wood, painted surfaces and unlike many degreasers is completely safe to use on glass.

 Can be used for the removal of soiling such as carbon, nicotine, petrol, diesel, heavy fuel oil and greases, body fats in shower areas, food fats and grease from kitchen areas.

 Is recommended for use in all forms of manufacturing industries and food industries where cleaning and degreasing is are a requirement. When used in food or catering environments


Will have no counteractive effects and is infect ants such as PRO PINE and ANTI BAC and can therefore be used with peace of mind. 


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