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Enzyme Liquid Drain Cleaner


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Micro-organisms present in the cleaner have been specially selected for their ability to produce enzymes capable of degrading organic material commonly found in drain lines, pipe work and grease traps by helping to liquefy fats, greases and other organic materials.  Free enzymes and surfactants included in the product are designed to start the process of degradation and emulsification until the microbes become active and produce their own enzymes and bio-surfactants.
Is supplied ready to use and should not be diluted before use.  Use at a rate of litre per day in grease traps and associated drains and pipe work.  This dose is sufficient to treat systems which receive waste from the preparation of up to 500 meals per day.  Dosing should be done at quiet times of the day when there is little or no activity to optimise conditions for biode gradation of grease etc.
Drains that are smelling or draining slowly can be dosed manually by adding 250ml of the cleaner down the sink, drain, pipe or shower and rinsing with lukewarm water (not in excess of 30 degrees C). 
Repeat every day for a week or until the problem has disappeared, and then once a week to maintain a free flowing system.
NOTE – The action of this product is biological in nature.  The use of strong cleaning chemicals such as bleach, acids or alkalis during its application will adversely affect the activity of the micro-organisms and should be avoided.  


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