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Carburetor Cleaner


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Carburetor Cleaner is brought into our range primarily for use in the automotive, transport and distribution industries.

Carburetor Cleaner is welcomed by mechanics as an extremely strong and efficient carburettor, choke and engine cleaner. With the first spray Carburetor Cleaner readily dissolves carbon, gum oil and varnish without affecting most painted surfaces. With the second spray, it literally blasts off all the dirt, grease and excess carbon, cleaning all carburettor parts without the need to dismantle.
Carburetor Cleaner is very fast drying.
Carburetor Cleaner leaves no oily film to cause further sticking and binding.
Carburetor Cleaner Also extremely useful for cleaning two-stroke engines such as those found in lawn mowers. It is used by hire companies, parks departments, stately homes, sports grounds and lawn mower repairers etc.
Carburetor Cleaner is very useful in the removal of silicone and silicone based greases, anti-seize greases, most glues and most inks.


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