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1 Top Quality Degreaser 500ml


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 Grease It
Grease It is a superior quality, heavy
duty, clear grease designed to penetrate and lubricate and will adhere to
all surfaces thanks to its high adhesive
formulation. Grease It contains solvents which penetrate into tight areas
and evaporate quickly leaving behind a
coating of grease which resists wash off
and provides long lasting lubrication.
Grease It reduces friction and heat
build-up and prevents rust and corrosion on metal surfaces.
 Penetrating grease
 High adhesive formulation
 Wide temperature range (-75 degrees C to +315 degrees C)
 Resists hot water and chemical wash off
 Inhibits corrosion
Grease It is ideally suited for lubricating hinges, cables, conveyors, linkages, wire ropes,
locks, sprockets and any metal surface. Its anti-fling formulation makes Grease It a perfect
choice for lubricating chains and other moving parts, even those subjected to extreme pressure. The wide temperature range makes Grease It a very versatile lubricant.
Directions for Use:
Shake well before using. Spray area to be lubricated and allow
solvent to evaporate. 


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