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1 Quality Citrus greaser 500ml


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Is a non-halogenated safety solvent formulated to replace the chlorinated solvents commonly used in cleaning operations.  The natural formula contains no carcinogenic solvents or ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons and as such is not regulated under the terms of the Montreal Protocol.
Has a fresh citrus aroma derived from natural terpenoid compounds ensuring a pleasant working environment for the user.

Is recommended for the cleaning of electric motors, the controlled evaporation characteristics ensuring efficient use of the product and an improvement in the cleaning results compared to fast evaporation solvents. All electrical components should be blown dry or left to air dry after using  and before being re- any electrical supply.
Will not harm rubber or most plastics and can be used as a soak tank cleaner or through a re-circulating parts washer.
Will have no harmful effect on good quality paintwork and is
particularly effective for the removal of transportation wax (paraffinic type) used
on vehicle bodywork.

Will readily remove tar and bitumen from most hard surfaces and is ideal for the removal of adhesive from many labels..


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