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1 Dry Shine Car wax 400ml


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Dry Shine Nettoyant Auto Multi Usage



  • Simply spray, leave for 15-20 seconds and wipe off.

  • No water required

  • High shine, and great results

  • For bodywork, wheels, chrome, glass and stains

  • Also cleans insect debris, and diesel & petrol marks


  1. Park in a shaded area.
  2. Shake and spray a light coat of DRYSHINE on a small section of 60cm2, allo to work for 15-20 seconds
  3. Using a microfiber towel, gently wipe in a circular motion.
  4. Using a second microfiber towel, lightly buff to a show car shine.
  5. For the tough spots, spray directly and allow 30-60 seconds.


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